Social media is a flawed medium for news.

Aside from the ability for anyone to post anything -- which can easily lead to misinformation -- it also sets up the worst incentives: Do whatever it takes to get people to click into your post so you can make money. That means clickbait.

It also means that virtually all local news gets missed  because the algorithm favors content with mass appeal.

Promoted(!) news that benefits no one.

The irony is that there are plenty of journalists who cover the stories that actually matter, and they are struggling to find an audience.

We want these two groups to meet.

We're trying to take the convenience and brevity of social news updates, but use them to build a new platform that helps reporters and surface trustworthy, local news. We make tools for newsrooms that then syndicates out to the consumer platform, before an article or video is ever even made. (We like to think of ourselves as being to news what OpenTable is to restaurants.) And through rev-shares, our partners succeed when we do.

Sign up for our waiting list so we can alert you when we’re live in your area, and let’s start a new chapter in the news story.

Let’s Go Forth.