We’re not an aggregator.

We know what most people want to share and what gets the most eyeballs and hard news generally is not it.

We’re not an aggregator.

How did you end up on this page?  If I were a betting man, I would guess that you clicked on a link posted on an  aggregator or social media.

While I appreciate the  click (it's always nice to see you) is this the best way to read news?

Social media and aggregators work in favor of blog posts like this.  (And please upvote us.)  But for news, they incentivize the wrong things.  We know what most people want to share and what gets the most eyeballs and hard news generally is not it. (Outrage porn, anyone?) This is especially true if it is local news and only of interest to a small area.

Aggregators can give the illusion of informing: you can simply scan the headlines and go on with your day.  After all, you just caught up on the news!  But this is unsustainable -- smaller organizations that cover local areas are left out of lucrative licensing deals, and without click-throughs to articles, reporters and news organizations have no opportunity to display ads; leading to several generally hated internet phenomena: clickbait, overloading pages with ads, and paywalls to compensate for lost revenue.

We’re turning the current incentive structure on its head by rewarding original reporting.   We publish concise updates from reporters you trust. We make tools for newsrooms that syndicate dispatches to a consumer app instantly. (We like to think of ourselves as being to news what OpenTable is to restaurants.) And through rev-shares, our partners succeed when we do.

We also hope that this surfaces up and coming journalists.  Local news reporters are incredibly talented, and know their communities well; even if the communities do not always know them.  Rather than require the name recognition as a barrier to entry for a paid newsletter, we want to help them make a name for themselves, while also sharing revenue back to them.  

This is where the news industry should be headed. We need your help -- please sign up for our waiting list so we can alert you when we’re live in your area, and help us bring on local publishers.

Let’s Go Forth.