We're pleased to announce that as of today, all NewsApps newsroom accounts can now be linked with Slack!  Story update notifications can slide right into your DMs, and you can turn Slack messages into story updates without ever leaving the channel.

We know you are probably already having conversations in Slack.  It's easy to have team discussions online, especially when so many of us are not in the newsroom.  It can even be great to share breaking news headlines, though like e-mail, these quickly can become very difficult to hand over to a colleague on another shift, and sometimes near impossible find when working on a follow-up.  

Example of "Add to Story" on a Slack context menu

We think you will find the best of both worlds – quick discussions with your colleagues and teammates on Slack, and the definitive source of truth on all of your stories in NewsApps.  Reporters in the field can receive text notifications based on their assignments or beat based on updates added in Slack by those in the newsroom.

Installation is easy – Admins can click the "Add to Slack" button on their Admin Settings page.  Individual users can then link their accounts on their Preferences page.

Of course, if your news team is not yet using NewsApps, we'd love to work with you, whether you use Slack or not.  Drop us a line at hello@nillium.com, and we'll be in touch.